ear Trekker,
It’s been long since we had your delightful company in the Himalayas.
Summer is here and the rains not far behind, calling out to all adventurous hearts to the mountain heights. We wonder where you are going to trek this wonderful season. The earth’s own Eden in the Himalayan nooks is coming alive with blossoms of a thousand vibrant colors and it’s high time you select your next trek.
Guaranteeing manageable challenge and great pleasure, we suggest you two easy-level treks:
Valley of Flower : At the height of 15,696 ft. in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand, the Valley of Flower is a dream destination for nature lovers. Alpine flowers of myriad colors bloom around the wake of monsoon, carpeting the meadows in bright psychedelic hues. With silvery streams crossing your way, breathing in the sweet air full of pollen, and the dazzling vision of Nanda Devi peak beckoning from a distance, it will be a trek to remember.The second destination on this trek would be the Sikh temple of Hemkund Sahib. Delicious food served steaming hot at lunchtime will reward a hard day of climb to this Gurdwara. The last leg of the journey will be completed with a visit to Badrinath.This is an overall easy-level trek and first-time trekkers are welcome. Our batches are starting this July.
Here is the itinerary for this trek in brief:
Day 1
(235 km drive)
Day 2
Joshimath-Govind Ghat
(22 km drive)
Govind Ghat- Ghangharia
(14 km trek)
Day 3
(14 km trek)
Day 4
Ghangharia-Valley of Flowers-Ghangharia
(14 km trek)
Day 5
Ghangharia-Govind Ghat
(14 km trek)
Govind Ghat-Badrinath-Joshimath
(60 km)
Day 6
(235 km drive)
Tarsar Marsar : The high altitude twin lakes of Tarsar and Marsar are among the jewels in the beautiful crown of Kashmir. Experience camping by the waters on this trek, enveloped in deep silence and peacefulness. The mirrors of these lakes capture the green serenity of Kashmir valley and you would be given every opportunity to soak in the beauty of this heavenly setting.
The degree of challenge in this trek is easy, therefore definitely enjoyable for first-time trekkers and children as well.Our batches arestarting from July onwards.
Check out the itinerary in brief given below:
Day 1
Srinagar to Aru Base Camp
(107 km drive)
Day 2
Aru to Lidderwat (10 km trek)
Day 3
Lidderwat to Shekwas
(5.5. km trek)
Day 4
Shekwas to Tarsar (5 km trek)
Day 5
Tarsar to Sundarsar (5 km trek)
Day 6
Sundarsar to Marsar and then to Sonmasti (7.5 km trek)
Day 7
Sonmasti to Sumbal (11 km trek)
Sumbal to Srinagar (26 km drive)
We are opening both treks this monsoon in July, and looking forward to your coming.
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Kavita Singh
Team TTH
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